Godzilla Sneakers to be Released Along with “Shin Godzilla” Film

Godzilla Sneakers to be Released Along with “Shin Godzilla” Film

Reebok teams up with MegaHouse to produce monstrous-looking Godzilla sneakers that tie in with the movie’s upcoming premiere.

These Godzilla sneakers are a surefire way to celebrate the imminent release of Shin Godzilla, a Japanese film about the city-wrecking creature.

They take the form of two limited edition Reebok Instapump Fury Road sneakers that pack designs referencing Godzilla itself.

The red and black colorway has a more subtle touch to it, with reptilian scale textures and red detailing on the midsole.

On the other hand, the green and black Shin Godzilla version glows in the dark and has claw marks and red accents which are pure primal.

Both kicks feature Godzilla footprints on the outsole, with the words “Godzilla vs. Fury Road” in Japanese.

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If you need these sneakers in your collection, your best bet would be to prepare US$263, pre-order a pair at Bandai’s website from July 29th onward and find a courier to have it shipped over. Otherwise, you might have to wait till January 2017 for a wider release.

Shin Godzilla hits Japanese theaters on July 29th, with its international counterpart, Godzilla Resurgence, set to land in overseas theaters in late 2016.

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