Reebok Classic Fall/Winter 2017 Featuring Mae Tan

Reebok Classic Fall/Winter 2017 Featuring Mae Tan

Reebok Classic taps Mae Tan who heads the creative direction and marketing at Surrender store for its Fall/Winter 2017 campaign.

Mae Tan is a young style maven whose life is #goals. We put her front and center of the women’s Reebok Classic Fall/Winter 2017 campaign.

To envy Mae’s style is to envy her ability to express herself. “After all,” she says, “fashion is a form of expression.”

Mae, who heads creative direction and marketing at Surrender store, a purveyor of artisanal labels, gravitates towards street styles because of the versatility and “sense of the unexpectedness” that it brings. And, as someone who’s constantly on the go, the comfort that street style affords is something Mae welcomes.


Mae wears the Reebok Classic Leather, the brand’s iconic sneaker with a timeless style

Mae’s Instagram presence inspires wanderlust – to say the least. The cities that inspire her most? LA, Tokyo, Shanghai, and of course, Singapore.


The Club C 85 ZIP trades laces with a zip for a sleeker silhouette

From the dusty plains of Nevada to chic spots in Paris, Mae seems to have seen it all, but that’s not the case, she insists. “As much as everyone thinks that I’m constantly focused and have everything under control, I feel like I’m still evolving,” she says.

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Reebok Classic Fall/Winter 2017 key styles for women:

Mae wears the Reebok Classic Leather, the brand’s iconic sneaker with a timeless style. First introduced in 1983, it was then the first running shoe made with premium leather. Over time, it has evolved to become a casual, street style staple. The Reebok Classic Leather is a unisex style that’s available in white and black, and a Dynamic Chrome Silver color.

Another key silhouette of the season is the Reebok Classic Club C (a.k.a. Reebok Classic Club Champion), which was first introduced in 1985. The sneakers have been spotted on Reebok’s latest brand ambassador Gigi Hadid. For Fall/Winter 2017, the sneakers are available in metallic peach and gray gold.

The above styles are available at The Social Foot (Orchard Central and Suntec City), Limited Edt, Royal Sporting House (JEM, Ngee Ann City and Tampines) and SEEK Official.

For more information, visit Reebok on Facebook and Instagram
Keep up with Mae Tan on Instagram @marxmae.


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