The Reebok “ReeRomp” is a One Piece Silhouette for Bros

The Reebok “ReeRomp” is a One Piece Silhouette for Bros

Reebok joins in on the male romper fun with the “ReeRomp”.

Cashing in on the male romper hype, Reebok unveils its new athleisure outfit, the “ReeRomp”.

Reebok’s new romper will feature the brand’s sweat busting “Activchill” technology which will keep the wearer physically cool and dry.

According to the brand, the “ReeRomp” will be a 100% bro that wears close to the body and moves with you. It even features stash pockets for your sunglasses, and a reflective zipper and hood lining.

However, with Reebok’s penchant for pulling humorous stunts, we’re not quite sure if the “ReeRomp” is something that will actually materialize. The brand received notoriety after unveiling an authentic sweat stained shirt on 1 April 2017. The shirt was humorously advertised online for US$425 (approx. S$592) reports Business Insider.

If genuine, the romper will cost US$89 (approx S$124) and is scheduled to drop on Tuesday, June 20.

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