Carhartt WIP brings Rave DJ Tim Reaper to Singapore

Carhartt WIP brings Rave DJ Tim Reaper to Singapore

Experience the big basslines and tasteful mix of rave tracks by British Rave DJ Tim Reaper live in Singapore, supported by Carhartt WIP. Scroll for everything you can expect on February 25.

Jungle DJ Tim Reaper Stops In Singapore By Carhartt WIP | Feb 25

Event: Revision presents Tim Reaper (Future Retro London, UK)
Venue: Ikigai Izakaya at The Riverwalk #B1 #01/06 Singapore, 058416
Time: 10.30 PM – 4 AM (Singapore time)
Price: S$40 (pre-event) to S$50 (at the door)
Book here:

Revision music supported by Carhartt WIP brings Jungle music to Singapore with a set featuring Tim Reaper from London, UK. The rave artist’s set has been featured on Mixmag The Lab LDN, Boiler Room Festival London 2021, Bass Coast Festival Canada and was part of Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix in January 2022.

The producer launched Future Retro label as a means to produce as much rave music as possible. Since its launch in 2020, the label has worked with a long list of lead contemporary jungle artists like Coco Bryce, Dwarde, Sully, Sheba Q, Kid Lib and DJ Sofa. Outside of Jungle music, Tim Reaper has been featured in a remix of Workforce, formerly of SpectraSoul, on Must Make Music and an exclusive EP on leftfield techno label Lobster Theremin. 

Singapore is the final stop on his Asia tour. Ravers in Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul have immersed themselves in his recognizable big basslines, rolling breakbeats and signature sounds of Jungle. Join them this weekend by purchasing your tickets at Look forward to Revision Music/Sub City DJs JAC, Gahmen and Helios XL (a.k.a Nez Senja), alongside Carhartt WIP at Ikigai Izakaya on the 25th of February.

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