This Danish Streetwear Brand Creates Apparel from Fiction

This Danish Streetwear Brand Creates Apparel from Fiction

Rule of Three aims to revolutionize the relationship between a brand and its customers by fusing storytelling into streetwear.

Rule of Three, a Danish streetwear brand, sells clothing inspired by a fictional story crafted by those behind the brand.

The story features three unusual characters, Isaac, Paul, and Jeff, forced to live together despite their contrasting personalities.

Isaac is described as a nineteen-year-old character with a knack for I.T. and computers. Paul, an unmotivated artist, and Jeff, a “party-animal” medical student afraid of being alone.


Photo: Rule of Three

Those familiar with writing might recognize the inspiration behind the brand’s name: Rule of Three is the writing principle used for structuring iconic stories (e.g., The Three Musketeers).

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Each Rule of Three collection is inspired by a chapter from the fictional story. Currently, there are only two chapters up for sale, Chapter O and Chapter 1. Chapter O serves as the introduction to the three main characters; Isaac, Paul, and Jeff, while Chapter 1 delves into Jeff’s mental health issues and personality.

The brand offers a variety of streetwear staples such as hoodies, long-sleeved t-shirts, and hats (images below).

Rule of Three is pretty affordable, with prices ranging from US$24.50 to US$45 (approx. S$34 to S$62). The brand currently ships worldwide.

For more on Rule of Three’s visual story, visit the brand’s Twitter account here.

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