Say Hello to Free Calls with the nanu App

Say Hello to Free Calls with the nanu App

the Singapore-based app, nanu, looks to compete with Skype and Viber by offering free calls without having to use high-bandwidth networks.


Making free phone calls from just about anywhere is now possible thanks to nanu, a mobile app created by Singapore-based startup Gentay Communications. Unlike other apps that make use of 3G, 4G or WiFi networks, nanu runs on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology that allows users to make calls even when there are no high-bandwidth networks available.

The people behind this app say that thanks to their proprietary mobile advertising technology, the app can remain free-of-charge. What this means is for users is that when they make a call using nanu, they would hear a short audio advertisement instead of the ringing tone. Advertisers can find out the geo-location of users and tailor advertisements to suit them accordingly.

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For now, calls between nanu users are completely free, and the first one million users are given 15 minutes’ worth of talk time for non-nanu and landline numbers. To earn more free minutes, users can share the app with their friends, click on the advertisement banners or take part in nanu promotions. The app is only available for Android smartphones for now and can even be used to make calls to countries like China and the United States.

Could nanu emulate WhatsApp and give telecommunications companies a run for their money? We’ll see.

Visit nanu’s official website for more information.

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