Now You Can Set Videos as Profile Pictures for Your Facebook Page

Now You Can Set Videos as Profile Pictures for Your Facebook Page

The days of boring, static Facebook profile pages will soon be over, as the social media giant introduces a bunch of new, animated and personalized features.


The biggest change so far is the introduction of profile videos – seven seconds of looping, moving visuals that resemble GIFs, but with audio. Don’t worry about a sudden burst of sound when you view someone’s profile video, as the audio is only activated upon a tap.

Facebook is also letting users “pin” up to five photos that will be directly visible on their profile page.

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Another feature is the inclusion of temporary profile pictures that can be set for a specific time period before returning to a previous profile picture.

Other tweaks include the new, one-line “Bio” field, which you can fill up with a short sentence of introduction about yourself, along with an improved profile layout.

Find out more in the short video below. Give the new features a go once they’ve been officially rolled out and give us your feedback in the comments below.

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