SG Sneakerheads Meet-Up

SG Sneakerheads Meet-Up

Curious to find out more about the ever-growing Singapore sneaker community, we decided to attend the third and biggest SG Sneakerheads Meet-Up. Here’s the lowdown.

By Haikal Abu Bakar
Photos by RJ Olaso

On June 14th, sneakerheads from all walks of life gathered at Starbucks Bugis Junction for the SG Sneakerheads Meet-Up. This was the third and biggest meet up so far, drawing about 40 members of the SG Sneakerheads Facebook forum, including many first time attendees.

The SG Sneakerheads Meet-Ups allow sneakerheads to get together and geek out over kicks. At some point of the night, someone placed a pair of OG sneakers on the table and an enthusiastic discussion about material and basketball ensued.

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One sneakerhead quipped, “This is Otaku on another level!” Even passers-by couldn’t help but stare and occasionally frown, perhaps wondering how a bunch of grown men could have such an overgrown interest in a pair of sneakers.

SG Sneakerheads is a Facebook forum initiated by like-minded sneaker enthusiasts living in Singapore. It currently boasts a following of 1,870 members.

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