“Sick Scents”, an Exhibition Showcasing Avant Garde Perfume

“Sick Scents”, an Exhibition Showcasing Avant Garde Perfume

Multimedia artist Steve Lawler tackles the fine art of perfumery.

Multimedia artist Steve Lawler, a.k.a. Mojoko, teams up with scent designer Terry Jacobson to produce seven Asian inspired perfumes for “Sick Scents”.

The perfumes draw inspiration from contemporary Asia. As such, Lawler’s perfume exhibition features scents nestled in nostalgic medicinal bottles.

Contrasting the nostalgic, the perfume boxes feature a collage of upbeat anime and cartoon characters, as well as vintage photographs and Chinese lettering. Notable characters spotted include Princess Bubblegum and Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time, Snow White, Pikachu and Alice from the animated Alice in Wonderland film.

“The creation process between scent design and collage is actually very similar, for example combining unusual elements to find harmony in surprising ways,” says Mojoko.

Those unfamiliar to Mojoko should note that the designer finds inspiration in trash culture, B-movies, as well as Bollywood Films, writes Female Magazine. This same inspiration can be found in each of Mojoko’s finely crafted perfumes.

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Check out some of the perfumes below:

“Pinkachu”, a candy pop scent inspired by teenage consumerism and infused with bubblegum oil/Photo: 8 Days

“Mind Control”, the scent for lovers/Photo: 8 Days

“Twisted Passion”, infused with oriental spices and inspired by vintage Mandarin drama shows/Photo: 8 Days

“PsychoTropics”, inspired by living in South East Asia/Photo: 8 Days

Additionally, the perfume displayed are also up for sale. Each perfume is limited to 20 pieces and will cost between S$200 to S$500.

Sick Scents: A Fragrant Exhibition
Date: Tuesday, June 1 – Sunday, June 25
Time: 7pm – 10pm
Venue: Chan Hori Gallery, Gillman Barracks (6 Lock Road, 108934)

More information on the exhibition here.

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