Singapore Reckless Drivers Community: Advocating Safe Driving

Singapore Reckless Drivers Community: Advocating Safe Driving

Never take the roads for granted; Singapore Reckless Drivers, a motorist community, does its part to promote safe and defensive driving in Singapore.


By Chris Ong

Singaporeans have earned themselves the reputation of being bad drivers. To redress this, graphic designer Marc Lee started the Singapore Reckless Drivers (SRD) community in 2011, with hopes of creating greater road safety awareness for Singapore road users and for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to share their experiences. Lee envisioned an outcome where more drivers would stay alert on the road, understand other motorists better and minimize accidents caused.

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With over 24,000 followers on SRD’s Facebook page, it’s clear that SRD is gaining momentum amongst Singapore’s motorists. Many throng the page to view videos of motor accidents, which are mostly avoidable if not for a careless or reckless driver behind the wheel. While some of the videos are graphic in nature, they offer a grim reminder that reckless driving has serious consequences.

The page is also useful for those who’ve been in an accident and are looking for eyewitnesses. Marc and four other administrators govern the page closely so daily updates are a norm. The community actively shares tips on defensive driving and enforces essential driving habits such as signaling, checking of blind spots and driving in the proper lanes.

With that, we share three videos that shock us but also remind us to be better motorists:

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