Sneak Peek: Sole Superior 2013

Sneak Peek: Sole Superior 2013

We caught up with Dexter Tan, co-organizer of Sole Superior 2013, who gave us exclusive details on what to expect at Singapore’s premier sneaker and streetwear convention this Saturday, November 30th! 

By Kim Hana
Photo by Melvin Ong


So tell us, just how long have you been into sneakers?
I’ve been buying sneakers on and off since I was 16. I think the obsession hit full cycle when I started working in local sneaker shops after army. I buy now and then but have been put on a one pair per month rule by my family due to the lack of space in my room.


Quadruple threat: A collaboration between adidas, local sneaker retailer Limited Edt, local artist Jahan and Sole Superior will be unveiled at the event

How did Sole Superior come about?
It’s kind of a funny story actually. Jon (my co-organizer) and I met while queuing up for sneakers roughly two years ago (I think it was a New Balance release at Leftfoot). We always talked shop during these camp-outs, and needless to say, a lot of what we talked about revolved around sneakers. So the idea of sneaker convention came up and we thought it would was high time Singapore had its own. We asked around if anyone wanted to plan one but most could not, due to busy schedules and whatnot. So we decided to get our hands dirty and do it ourselves.

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What can people expect at Sole Superior?
We are very proud to say that we have amassed a total of 45 brands, independent labels and vendors for the convention so there will definitely be a little something for everyone. Attendees can expect a visual spectacle especially for the brands and shops as they lay out 2014 releases and never seen before samples for everyone’s viewing pleasure. We’re not going to say more on this front as we want people to have a surprise on that day.

How about just a little sneak peek?
Not sure if you’ve seen the leaked pictures yet but there will be an epic quadruple threat collaboration between adidas, local sneaker shop Limited Edt, local artist Jahan and Sole Superior. We’re really excited about that one, and you’ll see why during the event why. 

We heard that there’s a charity component as well.
Yes! In fact, there are two charity drives happening during the event, the charity raffle for the Children’s Cancer Foundation and a fundraiser to raise money to help the Hurricane Yolanda relief effort in the Philippines.

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What’s gonna happen for both charity events?
Well for the charity raffle, we’re selling raffle tickets at $10 a pop with all proceeds going to the Cancer Foundation. There’s no limit to the number of tickets you can buy and if your ticket is called, you stand a chance to win sick sneakers including an autographed pair of adidas superstars by Snoop Dogg as well as a pair of the Galaxy Foamposites.

For the fundraiser, we’ve been digging into our personal collections for gems to put up for auction. And while we haven’t decided the final list of shoes for auction, I heard there’s a pair of Jeff Staple autographed New Balances as well as a pair of HTM flyknits. Who knows? Attendees may just be able to snag these pairs at reasonable prices with all proceeds going toward a good cause as well.

To end off, what shoes will you guys be wearing on that day?
Jon and I fully expect to be running around like ants so we’ll probably going for comfort. But people have suggested we bring a rotation of kicks to change into throughout the event, just like a bride at her wedding banquet, so who knows? One thing is for certain though, we expect to see lots of sick kicks on that day. So everyone out there reading this, break out your shoes for Sole Superior Singapore!

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