Man with Sneaker Fetish Makes Out with His Kicks

Man with Sneaker Fetish Makes Out with His Kicks

Thanks to MTV’s True Life: My Fetish is Ruining My Life, we now know that there are people whose sneaker fetish has gone way beyond what one could possibly imagine.


In one particular episode, the spotlight is placed on RJ, a guy who readily admits that he’s totally obsessed with the look, taste, smell, and feel of men’s sneakers. There are several scenes of RJ engaging in some strange sneakerplay, which involves licking the soles of a sneaker and worse things.

RJ’s sneaker fetish extends to his dating life. For him, it’s not so much the way a potential partner looks that matters, it’s the kicks they rock that counts. His favorite types? Men in basketball and skate shoes.

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Isn’t it good to know there’s someone out there who’s literally more obsessed with sneakers than you? Watch the full, NSFW video here.

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