Watch: US$1.2 Billion Sneaker Resale Market Explained

Watch: US$1.2 Billion Sneaker Resale Market Explained

Fortune takes a closer look at the lucrative business that is the sneaker resale market.

Valued at US$1.2 billion and growing, the sneaker resale market is indeed serious business.

The clip gathers insights from Josh Luber, CEO and co-founder of StockX, a well-known sneaker pricing site. It looks at the periods when the sneaker market boomed, and how adidas has, as we all know, became more popular with sneakerheads over the past year.

Gurson Singh, owner of GB’s Sneakers, also gets some screen time as he explains the popularity of sneakers today and exactly how much some customers are willing to pay.

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It’s probably nothing new for serious sneaker collectors, but if you’re giving newbies an introduction to sneaker culture, this video might make things easier.

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