SoundCloud Go, a Paid Premium Service We All Saw Coming

SoundCloud Go, a Paid Premium Service We All Saw Coming

SoundCloud Go, SoundCloud’s paid premium service, is a new feature we all saw coming.

SoundCloud Go

Known as SoundCloud Go, the new service will reportedly offer more content and features for US$9.99 a month (US$12.99 for iOS users).

Similar to Spotify and Apple Music, users of the paid service can enjoy ad-free and offline streaming. But Go has one trick up its sleeves: it gives users access to an expanded music catalog that includes breakthrough tracks, remixes, demos and podcasts.

As it stands, the music platform has already amassed a library of 125 million songs from over 12 million creators. These numbers are set to increase, as just about any aspiring or established musician can create an account and upload their own work.

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Certain artistes have even made it a platform for exclusive content. Kanye West, despite his affiliation with Tidal, uploaded a remix of “Ultralight Beam” onto SoundCloud last weekend.

The platform has also proven itself to be a place for emerging talents to be uncovered. Rory Fresco, whose rap song “Lowkey” would auto-play after Kanye’s “Real Friends/No More Parties”, became an internet sensation who got noticed by listeners.

Rory’s popularity would eventually land him a deal with Sony Music, proving that SoundCloud could very well be the place for underground singers to make their mark.

Existing tracks will remain free-to-play on the current ad-supported service, so there’s no immediate change for free users.

SoundCloud Go for web, iOS and Android is now available for U.S. users, with other territories set to follow shortly. Subscribers can enjoy a 30-day free trial before committing to it.

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