Sportswear face mask review: Which brand to buy?

Sportswear face mask review: Which brand to buy?

Our sportswear face mask review puts offerings from Puma, Under Armour and Adidas to the test.

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Each of these masks is reviewed based on their breathability, fit, aesthetic and comfort.

As you already know, masks have become an essential in this time of Covid-19. As such, we have conducted a sportswear face mask review, to find out how the face coverings from Under Armour, Puma and Adidas fare. Here’s our experience with each of the masks.

Puma Facemask

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Breathability: Made with a three-layer construction said to better filter the air you breathe in, it’s no surprise that the Puma Facemask is not the most breathable of the lot. But it’s not uncomfortable by any means, and possibly a necessary trade-off for better filtration.

Fit: Can be tightened or loosened by pulling backwards or forwards the clasps placed on the elastic bands on each side of the mask. The mask comes with a band that’s meant to be molded to the shape of your nose bridge. However, it comes pretty stiff and stays in a rather fixed “V” shape. While this gives the mask good shape, it does leave gaps that then channel air up into the eyes, and this spells fogging for glasses-wearers.

Aesthetic: The mask’s curved sides conform perfectly to the face, which means it retains a smooth appearance when worn, which looks really good. The mask comes in pairs and each piece has its own unique print – one has the simple Puma logo while the other comes with their tag line “Stronger together” printed around the cat. Due to their simple black and white styling, these designs will not clash with the colors of your fit, making it easy to wear daily. Combined with the fixed, structured nose bridge and you have yourself a really sleek and good-looking mask.

Comfort: The fabric used on the lining of the mask is smooth, creating little to no friction with the skin. We found it comfortable to wear for hours at a stretch.

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Conclusion: The Puma Facemask is the ideal option for day to day use. It’s comfortable, looks good with your outfit and does not cause any strain after prolonged use. But the looser fit can cause it to shift during a workout, which can become fiddly.

Retail price: S$15.90 (Set of two)
Where to buy:

Adidas Face Cover

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Breathability: The Adidas Face Cover’s double layer, polyester-based construction makes it the lightest and most breathable mask of the lot – comparable to the disposable surgical face masks that are sold at pharmacies.

Fit: The Adidas Face Cover is highly elastic and fits like second skin as soon as you put it on. However, the mask is not at all adjustable and we found this caused the mask to pull at our ears quite a bit, which can cause a little discomfort with prolonged wear. There is also no adjustable bridge, so air can rise up to your eyes and glasses.

Aesthetic: Because of how snug the mask is, it tends to accentuate prominent features on the face. The Adidas face cover looks much better on individuals with angular or sharp facial features.

Comfort: The fabric is really soft and causes no skin irritation. But with prolonged use, its face-hugging construction can be a strain on your ears.

Conclusion: The Adidas face cover is a great mask for a workout. Its soft but snug construction means it will stay in place.

Retail price: S$8 (Set of three)
Where to buy: 
The face cover will get a restock on September 20 on the Adidas App.

Under Armour Sportsmask

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Breathability: The Under Armour Sportsmask has a dense three-layer construction that makes it the chunkiest mask of the lot. Oddly enough, it doesn’t compromise on breathability. Even with its complete seal around your face, the “spacer fabric” keeps the mask off your nose and mouth, while maintaining a healthy airflow.

Fit: Similar to the Adidas mask, it does not have any adjustment when it comes to the fit of its elastic bands. However, the Sportsmask comes with a unique construction where the base layer helps create a seal around your face. To ensure it completely seals around your nose bridge, it comes with an adjustable band. If molded well, it can prevent air from flowing upwards into your eyes and glasses.

Looks: The Sportsmask is dense and chunky. When worn, it’s far from discreet and adds volume to your side profile. But that’s the sacrifice the mask makes in order to maintain good airflow and remain cool.

Comfort: It’s well-padded and combined with UA’s Iso-Chill tech, the Sportsmask is both plush and cooling. Add in its sweat-wicking properties and you have a mask that is built for your most intense workouts.

Conclusion: The Under Armour Sportsmask is the best option for a long workout session at the gym, as it can stay cool, dry and maintain good airflow. However, its bulky aesthetics and tight elastic bands makes it a little uncomfortable for a long day out.

Retail price: S$35 per mask
Where to buy:
 The next Sportsmasks restock will be on August 14. Limited quantities will be available at Under Armour Orchard Central, Bugis Junction, Paragon, Funan, VivoCity. Head over to their Instagram for updates on future restocks.

Which of these masks do you plan to use on a regular basis? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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