Staple Pop-Up Shop: What’s In Store

Staple Pop-Up Shop: What’s In Store

New York streetwear brand Staple makes its presence felt with the Staple Pop-Up Shop located at Shaw Towers, Singapore. We find out what’s in store. 

By Kim Hana

Taking a leaf out of the Staple-owned multi-label “lifestyle boutique” Reed Space in New York, the Staple Pop-Up Shop located at Shaw Towers in Singapore is more than a retail space. Here, you can get your hair done by the expert scissorhands at in-house saloon Hairloom, sip a cup of joe, shop the Staple Fall/Winter 2013 collection, and meet people who enjoy doing these things just like you do.

The Staple Pop-Up Shop which was opened late September also doubles up as an event space. In the foreseeable future, you can expect to see art exhibitions, gigs, and other sorts of creative expression blossoming within the space.

As it stands, Staple has done a good job of redefining the use of retail space. Enter the shop from within Shaw Towers and you will journey through an intriguing, meandering path to get to the other end of the shop. Children’s chairs, which are used to form shelves in Reed Space NYC, have been appropriated into the interior of this Staple Pop-Up Shop as an eye catching, haphazard wall feature.

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The Staple Pop-Up Shop is the brand’s first brick and mortar presence in Southeast Asia. We’re excited to see what else Staple has in store for we who live on this side of town.

Visit the Staple Pop-Up Shop at #01-50 Shaw Towers on 100 Beach Road. Open till November 16th. 

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