Check Out the Stephen Curry One Signature Shoe from Under Armour

Check Out the Stephen Curry One Signature Shoe from Under Armour

NBA player Stephen Curry is no stranger to hard work and dedication, and for that he rightfully receives his first signature shoe courtesy of Under Armour.


Basketball player Stephen Curry, who plays for the Golden State Warriors in the National Basketball Association (NBA), gets his very own signature shoe, the Under Armour Curry One. Inspired by Curry’s long journey to recognition as an established point guard, the Curry One contains a host of features to help the two-time NBA All-Star and other wearers excel at the sport.

For instance, the Charged Cushioning system absorbs impact and converts it to a responsive burst that helps the player expend less energy. Anafoam molds together EVA foam and mesh to provide support for the foot at essential pressure points. The Curry One comes in “Home” and “Away” colorways, with additional color schemes lined up for future releases. Each shoe has an “SC30” logo that reflects the number 30 that Stephen Curry currently uses and which his father, a former basketball player, also used in his career.

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The Under Armour Curry One signature shoe retails for S$219 and will be available online and at LE Ballpark (313@Somerset) from February 15th.

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