Stickerbomb Skate: Stickers on Stickers on Stickers, and Interviews

Stickerbomb Skate: Stickers on Stickers on Stickers, and Interviews

Stickerbomb Skate is a sticker book featuring 150 stickers from classic skate brands and interviews with the who’s-who of skate culture.


Stickers are an integral part of skate culture, enabling skaters to transform any plain off-the-shelf skateboard into a completely unique deck that’s truly theirs. Studio Rarekind takes it up a notch with the release of Stickerbomb Skate, a tempting sticker book comprising 150 skateboard classic and new stickers.

Featuring stickers from five classic skate brands – Alien Workshop, REAL, Toy Machine, Girl and Santa Cruz, Stickerbomb Skate also includes interviews with key illustrators and artists, including legends Jim Philips, Ed Templeton and Mike Hill, highlighting the central role stickers have played in skate culture.

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“They create identity for the consumer and promotion for the company. The part I like is that they can get stuck somewhere and stay there and advertise for years and years,” says Philips.

“Some of the coolest and most iconic sticker designs were created by American skateboard brands of this era and it’s an honor to finally have a Stickerbomb edition showcasing some of the best to share with our fans. This is just the tip of the iceberg and we hope to be able to feature a wider selection in the near future,” says Ryo Sanada, Director of Studio Rarekind.

Stickerbomb Skate retails online for £17.95, get yours here.

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