Straat Picks: 5 Lightweight Denim

We know how hard it is to put on raw denim when the sun is out with a vengeance and the humidity is unforgiving. Instead of leaving you to stew in your own juices, we did some looking around and found 5 lightweight denim you can be proud of wearing. Hey, we’re denimheads too.

By Vincent Teoh

Levi’s Coolmax Jeans


World renowned jeans makers Levi’s recently released the Coolmax jeans as part of their Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Comprising the 504 regular straight, 511 slim & 513 slim straight cut, the Coolmax collection is designed specifically to beat the heat. Coolmax fibres are woven into the denim, in a zigzag pattern as supposed to the traditional rounded pattern, allowing for evaporation of perspiration four times faster than regular jeans. The Levi’s Coolmax collection retails at Levi’s stores and are priced from S$139.

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Image via Today Online

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