Straat Picks: 5 Pairs of Jeans to Get for Under $300

Imagine all you had left was $300 – what do you do? Find a good pair of jeans of course; at least you’ll die in denim. Here are 5 good pairs to cop. 

By Vincent Teoh

1) Momotaro for Japan Blue JB0701


Can’t afford the real deal but still want to be momosexual? Now you can, thanks to what Collect Co, the denim fabric mills responsible for Momotaro jeans, has conceptualized. They took all the good in Momotaro, put it under Japan Blue, and made it affordable. Better yet, they’ve added Japanese Hanko stamps on the pocket bags to make you feel a little more special.

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2) Tellason John Graham Mellor

  • Slim straight fit
  • 14.75oz
  • USD198 from Unionmade

Tellason John Graham Mellor

Tellason, a San Francisco based denim company, stays true to its all American spirit.You don’t even need to know why the selvedge is yellow, all you need to know is that these jeans are true blue and red USA made, from the denim produced at the Cone Mill’s White Oak plant to the leather patch from Oregon’s Tanner Goods.


3) 3sixteen SL-100x

3sixteen SL-100x

Founded right in the heart of New York City, 3sixteen creates denim that lasts and looks good season after season. From their custom made high slub selvedge denim woven in Okayama, Japan, to the 3mm thick Tanner Goods leather patch, denim heads can tell that this pair of raws is a cop above the rest. Actually, stop reading and get yours right now.


4) Rogue Territory Stanton

Rogue Territory Stanton

So you’ve decided to stay. Great. We can now introduce you to the Rogue Territory Stanton, made out of 14oz sanforised denim from Nihon Menpu mills in the Okayama Prefecture, the mecca of artisanal denim. The Stanton features a selvedge line detailing at the inner seams, button fly and most interestingly, a hidden pen pocket at the right back pocket. Rogue Territory started out as a one-man show by Karl Toennessen that made denim goods only. That was 4 years ago. Toennessen has made numerous pairs of jeans and is today moving on to making non-denim products.


5) Baldwin Denim The Reed

Baldwin Denim The Reed

Named after the designer, Matt Baldwin, Baldwin denim has been making jeans focusing on modern fits inspired by classic designs. The 100% US made jeans features the Baldwin Denim signature single exposed back pocket rivet, triple stitched reinforced yoke, chain stitching throughout and a 4oz Missouri steer hide leather patch.

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