Straat Picks: Album Releases In May 2013

Straat Picks: Album Releases In May 2013

Justice – Access All Arenas
Scheduled Release: 6 May 2013


Access All Arenas is a live recording of the Parisian duo’s Audio, Visual, Disco tour at the Arena of Nîmes, a Roman amphitheatre built around 70 AD. The tour sold-out in a matter of days, comprising 105 shows that traversed from Australia to New York, Europe and South America. The duo’s immense live presence stems from their live reworkings of album tracks, as well as powerful stage and lighting design. Recorded on July 19 2012 in front of a massive ecstatic crowd, the 14-track album is an attempt to capture their infamous live energy, with a 90 minute “sonic roller coaster of their hit songs mashed into a megamix with an epileptic light show,” according to their press release. Preview the album below, with Justice’s progressive-electro number ‘On’n’On’.

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