Straat Picks: Album Releases in July 2014

Judging from the backstories of some of this month’s pick of album releases, even music artists have real issues to deal with. Find out who they are.

By Louis Chen

Robin Thicke: Paula
Now in stores

Album Releases July 2014

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Singer-songwriter Robin Thicke became a household name last year thanks to his song Blurred Lines and a raunchy performance with Miley Cyrus that shot the act of twerking into the realm of the mainstream. Not long after that, the smooth operator hit a rough patch in his personal life – allegations of infidelity eventually led to a separation from his wife of nine years, Paula Patton. It’s apparent his latest album is dedicated to Patton and that each track is an attempt to win her back. But we’re not quite sure if it’s working on Patton, or the fans.

1. You’re My Fantasy
2. Get Her Back
3. Still Madly Crazy
4. Lock the Door
5. Whatever I Want
6. Living in New York City
7. Love Can Grow Back
8. Black Tar Cloud
9. Too Little Too Late
10. Tippy Toes
11. Something Bad
12. The Opposite of Me
13. Time of Your Life
14. Forever Love

Sia: 1000 Forms of Fear
Now in stores

Album Releases July 2014

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Michael Jackson. Elvis Presley. Amy Winehouse. The list of musicians who have departed this world prematurely has left a gaping hole in the music industry. It’s chilling to learn that Australian crooner, Sia, could have made it to that same unfortunate list, having abused alcohol and drugs leading her to the verge of suicide back in 2010. Thankfully she’s in a better state of mind now, releasing her first album in four years to optimistic initial reviews. Unlike almost every other artist, Sia will not be appearing in the videos and press shots for this album, letting her voice do all the talking, which is fine by us.

1. Chandelier
2. Big Girls Cry
3. Burn the Pages
4. Eye of the Needle
5. Hostage
6. Straight for the Knife
7. Fair Game
8. Elastic Heart
9. Free the Animal
10. Fire Meet Gasoline
11. Cellophane
12. Dressed in Black

Jason Mraz: YES!
Scheduled release: Now in stores

Album Releases July 2014

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Jason Mraz has certainly come a long way since his early days performing at a San Diego coffee house. The social activist has belted out hits such as “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)” and “I’m Yours” that continue to resonate with listeners today. True to Mraz’s style, his upcoming album, YES!, contains intimate, acoustics tracks produced with his friends from female folk band Raining Jane. Perfect listening material on relaxing weekend afternoons.

1. Rise
2. Love Someone
3. Hello, You Beautiful Thing
4. Long Drive
5. Everywhere
6. Best Friend
7. Quiet
8. Out of My Hands
9. It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday
10. 3 Things
11. You Can Rely On Me
12. Back To The Earth
13. A World With You
14. Shine

Morrissey: World Peace Is None of Your Business
Scheduled release: Now in stores

Album Releases July 2014

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For his latst album, Morrissey brings his outspoken personality to the table, guns blazing. His lead single “World Peace Is None of Your Business” makes mention of how one should “work hard and sweetly pay your taxes”  and “each time you vote, you support the process”. Bearing in mind that the man is one of the biggest critics of the Royal Family that he once labeled “benefit scroungers”, it seems this album is but a thinly veiled middle finger to the people up there.

1. World Peace Is None of Your Business
2. Neal Cassady Drops Dead
3. I’m Not a Man
4. Istanbul
5. Earth Is the Loneliest Planet
6. Staircase At the University
7. The Bullfighter Dies
8. Kiss Me a Lot
9. Smiler With Knife
10. Kick the Bride Down the Aisle
11. Mountjoy
12. Oboe Concerto
13. Scandinavia [Deluxe]
14. One of Our Own [Deluxe]
15. Drag the River [Deluxe]
16. Forgive Someone [Deluxe]
17. Julie in the Weeds [Deluxe]
18. Art-Hounds [Deluxe]

Common: Nobody Smiling
Scheduled release: 22 July

Album Releases July 2014

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Hip hop artist and actor, Common, has attributed the concept of his tenth and latest studio album, Nobody Smiling, to his troubled hometown of Chicago. In a move to put the spotlight on Chicago, Common has made it a point to feature new artists from the city, as his way of giving back.

1. The Neighborhood (feat. Lil Herb & Cocaine 80s)
2. No Fear
3. Diamonds (feat. Big Sean)
4. Blak Majik (feat. Jhené Aiko)
5. Speak My Piece
6. Hustle Harder (feat. Snoh Aalegra & Dreezy)
7. Nobody’s Smiling
8. Real (feat. Elijah Blake)
9. Kingdom (feat. Vince Staples)
10. Rewind That
11. Out On Bond (feat. Vince Staples) [Deluxe]
12. 7 Deadly Sings [Deluxe]
13. Young Hearts Run Free (feat. Cocaine 80s) [Deluxe]

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