Straat Smart: Samuel Truth (Auckland, NZ)

Straat Smart: Samuel Truth (Auckland, NZ)

From youthful aspirations to be a guitar virtuoso to his recent exploits in beatmaking, Samuel Truth has always known that music would be his living. Little did he know his offbeat productions would also quickly propel him from small town Otorohanga to bigger stages worldwide. We talked to the versatile Kiwi producer about his travels and music ahead of his maiden trip to Singapore.

By Hidzir Junaini


You’ve been gotten to tour bunch over the last couple of years. What’s it like playing playing in front of new crowds in Australia or America?
I get super anxious about playing for crowds like that because I don’t really know what to expect. I think after playing those two and a couple of local shows I’ve noticed that the international audiences were a lot more into the music than some of the NZ crowds. It could be just the small numbers here in NZ or the types of shows I was playing but I’ve definitely had a better reception to the beats stuff in Perth and LA.

Tell us about playing a legendary space like Low End Theory.
It was an amazing experience. Of course it’s a historic venue for the genre so the people going there are really familiar with the style of music I was playing and were really receptive to the set. I had a great time there not only performing but also just watching the other performers and being amongst that sort of crowd. It was a great vibe.

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How did you first get hooked up with Darker Than Wax?
I joined Darker than Wax when cofounder Funk Bast*rd stumbled upon my Twitter and checked out my SoundCloud. We chatted for a bit and I joined the roster that week. They’ve played a big part in the sort of music I’m making now and everyone on the roster is crazy in the lanes work within.

You’ll be playing at the Feelings In Colour release party this Saturday! What are your thoughts on coming to Singapore?
Yes I can’t wait! I’m really excited about playing in Singapore just because it’s like the hub for DTW and I want to see where it all began and catch up with all the DTW fams. Plus I’ve heard lots of great things so I’m keen to check it all out.

Aside from the thrill of the gigs, what have been some of your favourite places in world?
I loved both Perth and LA; I know I’m going to love Singapore too. I’m really excited to explore some more places and travel with the music so it will be interesting to see what comes along.

What are some of your travel essentials?
All I need is my laptop (laughs). I take it everywhere, even if it’s just a day thing.

If we were to visit Auckland tomorrow, what places should we check out?
Go out to Otara on a Saturday morning for the markets and get some food – some island donuts!

Samuel Truth will perform at the Darker Than Wax & Cascade Records’ “Feelings In Colour” launch party at The Vault on August 9th. Details of the event here

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