Straat Snacks: Kinsa Sushi

Apart from a good range of sushi and sashimi at reasonable prices, Kinsa Sushi has in its arsenal a dish called Soo Gyu Don, a beef bowl made with A4 grade wagyu from Kagoshima, Japan, and it only costs S$25.


Foie Gras Mizore Mushi, or foie gras soup

Sushi has become so much a part of our culinary landscape that it’s no longer considered a novelty to “grab sushi” for dinner. This is also in part due to the fact that sushi restaurants span a spectrum of price points and quality – there are the high-end untouchables, the conveyor-belted varieties, and then there are the in-betweens – so there’s something for every budget.

Now if you’re not looking to jostle with the crowds for a seat by the conveyor belt, nor looking to spend half your paycheck on dinner, then Kinsa Sushi, located at Jubilee Square in Ang Mo Kio, is a restaurant that falls in the in-between category that’s worth trying.


Soo Gyu Sushi featuring A4 grade wagyu from Kagoshima, Japan

Kinsa Sushi has nailed the combination of offering quality sushi and sashimi at reasonable prices, as well as a good spread of bento boxes, rice bowls, and other side dishes.

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The sushi spread includes classics such as an assortment of nigiri sushi and aburi sushi, and special creations such as the Sanshoku Dragon Roll (S$12.80), which features a fried king prawn topped with slivers of avocado, mango and flying fish roe.


With crunchy king prawn and slices of refreshing mango and rich avacado and flying fish roe, the Sanshoku Dragon Roll really whets the appetite

In its non-sushi arsenal is a dish called Soo Gyu Don (S$24.80), packed with warm short-grain rice flavored with the right amount of vinegar so it’s not overpowering, and topped with A4 grade wagyu beef from Kagoshima, Japan. This, for us, was the star of the meal.

Kinsa Sushi also offers a good spread of side dishes, including safe bets (Cold Tofu, Edamame, etc.), decadent treats like the Foie Gras Mizore Mushi (S$6.80), essentially, a foie gras soup, and exotic choices we didn’t try such as the Salted Cuttlefish with Guts, Grilled Stingray Fin, and even Deep Fried Whole Garlic, which we wouldn’t recommend you order on a first date.


The Soo Gyu Don, one bowl to rule them all

Also noteworthy is the restaurant’s Omakase menu, in which you leave it to the chef to decide what you will be served. At prices ranging from S$60 to S$120, we think Kinsa Sushi offers one heck of an affordable Omakase meal. We say drop by the restaurant and sample its a la carte menu first, and if you like it as much as we did, then go back again for the Omakase menu (make sure to call two days in advance). 

Kinsa Sushi is located at #02-03/3A Jubilee Square, 61 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8. A second outlet will be opened at Hillview Rise. For updates, follow Kinsa Sushi on Facebook.

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