Straat Your Stuff: Afi Dahlan

Afi Dahlan may only be 18 years of age, but he’s no young padawan. Dude has collected almost every Nike Flyknit Racer in the market (for now).

By Kim Hana
Photos by Haq Anuar

Tell us more about yourself.
I’m Afi, 18 years old. Currently a student.

How long have you been collecting sneakers?
Not too long, maybe a year or two ago. Been in love with them ever since.

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Why are you such a fan of the Flyknit Racer?
I look for comfort in sneakers as I’m always on my feet for long hours. I’ve found that Flyknits are the most comfortable sneakers. They fit perfectly, just like a sock, and they are mad comfy. You can never go wrong with comfy sneakers man.


Which is the most expensive pair in your collection?
I must say, the most pricey pair is my Supreme x Nike Lunar 1+. Money well spent!

Where do you usually go to acquire your sneakers?
That’s a secret. But I have a few friends who have hooked me up well and I appreciate their help a lot.

How do you care for and store your collection?
I don’t usually care for my sneakers. I just stuff them with shoe trees/paper stuffings and keep them in the box after each wear. Does that classify as caring for my sneakers?


Do you dress top-down or bottom-up?
It depends, I always have trouble choosing my outfit. Pretty much every time I’m going out, I’ll have that problem. But usually I’ll dress bottom-up so my outfit doesn’t look weird with my shoes.

What do you enjoy most about sneaker collecting?
Honestly, I didn’t think I’d end up collecting sneakers. It happened out of a sudden after buying my first Flyknit Racer, which was the “Total Orange”. I really enjoy the moment the feeling I get when I purchase a new pair of kicks. It’s hard to explain the feeling but somehow I feel satisfied!


Now that you’ve acquired all the Flyknit Racers that have been released so far, what’s next for you?
Hmm, that’s a tough question. I’m guessing I’ll continue collecting the Racers and grab a few other Flyknits and sneakers that catch my eye. On a side note, I would also like to graduate from my course. Can’t wait for that man.

The older guys don’t always give much credit to the younger collectors in the scene. What do you have to say about that?
Honestly, I’m fine with that. If both parties respect each other and enjoy doing what they love, that’s cool.


Do you see yourself still collecting sneakers 20 years down the road?
Yes, of course! Maybe not as much, but I definitely will. I hope my future wife will be cool with that though.

What do your parents say about your collection?
Till this day, my parents don’t know the actual number of sneakers I have, but they’re fine with it as long as I know how to save up and spend wisely after every sneaker purchase. But even if they were mad, I’d still continue collecting sneakers, that’s for sure.

You can find Afi on Instagram @afidahlanzz_

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