Straat Your Stuff: Nadhirah Mok

As the younger sister of one of Singapore’s most prolific sneaker collectors, Danial Mok, you’d think Nadhirah Mok has large shoes to fill. But this little lady doesn’t concern herself with that kinda stuff. With about 80 sneakers in her collection, we think she can hold her own all right.

By Kim Hana
Photos by Haq Anuar

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I currently own around 80 pairs of sneakers.

You come from a family of sneaker fanatics. What sort of an influence have they had on your sneaker obsession?
My family, in particular my dad and my brother, pretty much played a major role in influencing my sneaker obsession. Ever since I was little, my dad would gear me up in cute baby Nikes and Adidas. I can still remember the first pair of sneakers that I begged my dad for when I was just 13 – the Nike Air Presto Faze in black/sliver cage. I wore them to death. My brother (read our interview with Nadhirah’s brother, Danial Mok, here) likes to share his knowledge about sneakers with me. He would introduce me to new upcoming sneakers, inform me when and where the sneakers are going to be released and also where to go to get them at the best prices.


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We can see you’re a big Roshe Run fan. What are the reasons you’re drawn to this particular model?
Roshe Runs are light on the feet for running, which I do when time permits. But I was attracted to Roshe Runs mostly because of their pretty designs and colors. Roshe Runs are good for travelling as well.

You mentioned you were busy cleaning all of your shoes before we arrived. Is it tough maintaining a sneaker collection?
Yes, I cleaned as much as I could before you guys came. It’s tough having 80 pairs of sneakers with little storage space at home.

Which is the most expensive pair in your collection?
It would probably be my Roshe Run iD and Cole Haan Lunargrand Wingtip.


Which pairs do you treasure most? Why?
I love my Flyknit Racers but of the lot, the multicolor “paddle-pop” Racers are my favorite pair. I fell in love with the shoe when I first saw my brother wearing them. I wear them everywhere, even when I’m on holiday.

Currently on the hunt for anything?
I’m currently looking for: Asics GL3 Wildcats, Asics GL3 Woei, Nike Air Max 1 Liquid Gold and Nike Flyknit Racer White/Black. If you see these floating around in Men’s size 5.5 (US), please, please, please tell me and I might give you a kiss.

Sneakers over heels? 
Definitely! The best part is being able to go to work in sneakers.


How is it like in Singapore as a female sneaker collector?
I don’t see myself as a sneaker collector; I buy what I think is nice. As the little sister of Danial Mok, the attention I get can be overwhelming at times. People say that I’m following my brother’s footsteps and that I don’t have my own group of friends who are into sneakers to hang out with. But I’ve met a lot good people along the way, and some of them have eventually become my good friends. It’s nice to see that more women are into sneakers these days. The female sneaker community has grown from what it was five to six years ago – we now have groups like the female Jordan heads and also the female runners’ crew; it’s a lot more diverse now.

What do your friends say about your collection?
They think I’m crazy for having that many shoes. But some of my friends have started to buy sneakers on a regular basis. What can I say, pretty shoes make everyone happy!

You can find Nadhirah on Facebook and Instagram.

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