Straat Snacks: Pluck-ing Affordable Lunch at Club Street

Straat Snacks: Pluck-ing Affordable Lunch at Club Street

Club Street’s Pluck celebrates its first anniversary with a new and Pluck-ing affordable lunch menu that’s sure to perk up your midday.


Pluck, an eatery and watering hole on Club Street, celebrated its first anniversary last week with the launch of a new lunch menu. The best part? All meals are priced at an affordable S$13++, inclusive of juice, soft drink, coffee or tea.

Pluck’s new lunch menu is conceptualized and executed by homegrown Chef Brandon Teo, a colorful personality known for his honest and creative approach to food. The new lunch menu consists of eight signature dishes, each bearing its own tongue-in-cheek nickname.

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“The dishes take a cheeky stab at the perennial classics, so there is always that element of surprise,” said Chef Teo. “We are always switching things up and getting creative with our food. People are going to get excited, and will start looking forward to lunch time with our new menu.”


“Glorified Hipster Fast Food” – A no-frills hamburger that packs a punch

Burgers are all the rage these days, but unlike the modern variety that tend to come with an assortment of ingredients like avocados and other frills, Pluck’s streamlined version titled “Glorified Hipster Fast Food” is anything but hipster. Theirs is a burger that comprises good ol’ beef patties (not one, but two!), a slice of tomato, and a dash of BBQ sauce; all of which are sandwiched in a brioche bun. Ingredients are 100% house-made and bursting with back-to-basics goodness.


“Eat Your Stress Away” – Can’t go wrong with some mac and cheese

Self-help gurus have plenty to say about emotional eating, but at Pluck, you’re invited to help yourself to a little “Eat Your Stress Away”, a sinful truffle mac and cheese that comes topped with with bacon and cheese crumble for good measure. So you didn’t have a good day at work, at least at there’s a great mac and cheese to look forward to at Pluck.


“Junk Food Inspired Toasties” – For the sandwich traditionalists

Those who insist on a sandwich for lunch can look forward to the “Junk Food Inspired Toasties” – fresh house-made toasties generously filled with grilled bone marrow, onion and cheese, with a touch of watercress pickled shallot salad for that extra crunch.


“Good Health Binge” – One for the vegetarians

Vegans and vegetarians can opt for the “Good Health Binge”, a tasty platter of all things good – couscous, roasted cauliflowers, sautéed baby spinach, hazelnuts, brown butter and roasted asparagus.

Pluck is part of The Establishment Group that includes Gem Bar, Zui Hong Lou and Manor Cocktail Room, so you can be sure they know a thing or two about making a good drink there. Here’s a plan: Head to Pluck for lunch and then return for cocktails in the evening.

Pluck is located at 90 Club Street. Lunch hours are 12pm to 2.30pm, Monday to Friday. Visit its website for full operating hours and menu.

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