Easy Peasy Streetwear Starter Kit

Easy Peasy Streetwear Starter Kit

All those Tumblr reblogs and Instagram pictures have piqued your interest in streetwear but you have no idea where to begin. Our Streetwear Starter Kit will springboard your foray into the magical and maniacal world of streetwear.

By Vincent Teoh

Start from the very beginning


Pick a starting point. Your interest in streetwear could stem from basketball, snap backs, music, street art, b-boying, or a combination of a few of those. Picking out your starting point will help you decide on how to build your new wardrobe and to define your look.

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Image via Four Pins

Do your research


Next step: Do some research. Streetwear is more than just the heavily filtered look books, street snaps and girls in tees (and nothing much else). You need to know what you want and where to get your garb from. Research will teach you to filter out the crap and how to get to the gems. Forums on the Interweb are a great source of information on product quality and even discount codes. Gigs and parties, streetwear shows, sneaker cons and forum meet-ups are also great places to go to meet like-minded people, who will be most willing to share their knowledge, so get out more!

Staples first


With the overwhelming amount of information that you have recently gained access to, there’s a high chance you might overzealous and want to buy everything. The best of us go through the obsessive stage. If money is not a problem and never will be, skip to the next tip. Otherwise, stick around and let us tell you more about the wondrous world of staples, the foundation of your new wardrobe. Some good staples to own: A pair of raw denim, brown chinos, white tees and oxford shirts. After all, how will you match your BAPE Shark Full Zip hoodie when all you’ve got are baggy jeans and worn out polo shirts from 2000-and-late?

Image via Wefty + Mash

Experiment, be open minded


Just because your main interest is in basketball shoes doesn’t mean you can’t pay any attention to vintage tennis sneakers or light-as-air runners. Don’t be afraid to try on something different from what you’re usually comfortable with. Who knows, the new shoe may look and feel better than what you’re used to. The more you’re willing to explore, the more you’ll discover that maybe those T-Macs are really gross.

Quality over quantity

















With sportswear companies releasing a new pair of sneakers every other week, you’ll soon come to the painful realization that you cannot buy everything. Our advice: Choose quality over quantity. Instead of buying the Air Jordan 1 in every colorway, aim for the rarer releases. There are also many local and regional brands out there that pride themselves on creating unique handmade apparel, paying extra attention to material and fit. Show these brands love.

Image via Sneakers Addict

Have fun


Lastly, have fun while you’re at it. The entire exercise should be enjoyable for you and those around you.

Left image via Tommy Ton 

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