NY to SG: Experience Jamaica, New York through Stussy x Denim Tears

NY to SG: Experience Jamaica, New York through Stussy x Denim Tears

The Stussy x Denim Tears arrives at the Singapore Chapter store on December 9. Scroll to preview the collection.

The Stussy x Denim Tears Singapore Drop Set For December 9Stussy

Model: Stussy x Denim Tears capsule collection
Price: S$79 (belt) to S$799 (army jacket)
Drop date: December 9, 11 am (Singapore time)
Buy here: Singapore Chapter Store | Dover Street Market Singapore

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Tremaine Emory brings his hometown to Singapore with the Stussy x Denim Tears capsule collection. The special collaboration draws inspiration from the Denim Tear founder’s hometown of Jamaica, Queens, New York with nods to the brand’s signature colors and ‘90s aesthetics. 

The collection introduces a special ‘Stussy Tears’ stamp. It merges the iconic Denim Tears Cotton Wreath with the subversive Double S logo from Stussy. The new stamp appears all across the collection, most notably on the denim pieces. 

Nods to Emory’s hometown and brand appear throughout the collection. ‘The Liberty Rock” sweatshirt has ‘Jamaica, Queen’ printed at the center while smaller accessories like the belt and messenger bag sport the signature Denim Tears colors. 

The Stussy Tears capsule will be available at the Singapore Chapter Store and at Dover Street Market Singapore. The capsule arrives on Friday, December 9 at 11 am (Singapore time).

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