2013 Published: June 14, 2013 Updated: February 19, 2019  |  WORDS: Hana Kim

Style Tips from Dad

With Fathers’ Day just around the corner, we pay tribute to the first stylish man we’ve ever known. Here are style tips from the old man.

By Vincent Teoh

You’ve seen him in a suit and you’ve seen him in his boxers. Just because he’s past his 50 doesn’t mean he’s uncool or knows no style. In fact, your dad has got his style game on lock down since the day you took your first breath. Here are some style tips to pick up from the old man.

Steve-Jobs-footwear1) Right shoes for the right occasion

Boat shoes for walking around town, plain toe derbys for business dealings, track shoes for the gym and slippers for the pool. Your dad knows which shoes to match for each occasion. You’ll never catch him wearing New Balances to work.

Image from okaygeek