Is Supreme Working on Collabs with Stone Island and Bape?

Is Supreme Working on Collabs with Stone Island and Bape?

Supreme is allegedly working with two superstar fashion brands: Stone Island and Bape.

Featured photo: Instagram/Supreme Leaks News

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News of Supreme’s upcoming collaborations with Stone Island and Bape have been leaked on Instagram.

A second round of Supreme x Stone Island pieces has been unveiled. The Instagram video above claims to depict the skate brand’s innovative, new heat reactive outerwear.

In the post’s caption, Instagram user @mrbld states that Supreme’s upcoming Stone Island collab will feature two items: a floral parka and a heat reactive jacket.

Despite being rumored to drop earlier in September 7, the collection has yet to see the light of day. Both items will allegedly retail for US$1,000 (approx. S$1,347).

Besides the Stone Island collab, rumors of a possible Supreme x Bape collection have also surfaced, at least according to Instagram user @dropsbyjay.

In the caption, the user claims that the collaboration is still in its early stages but it might be available as early as 2018.

The full caption reads: “Although it’s still early in the process Supreme & Bape are said to be teaming up together for a second Collaboration after first coming together in 2002. Hype on this will be insane most likely coming next year. What would you like to see from these two brands this time around?”

If the rumors turn out to be genuine, this will be the second time Supreme has worked with Bape. The duo’s first collaborative collection was released in 2002, and featured the rare Supreme camo box logo.

As exciting as the rumors are, it is worth noting that none of the brands have confirmed their respective collaborations.

What are your thoughts on these two possible collections?

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