Honey, I Shrunk the Tesla Model S

Honey, I Shrunk the Tesla Model S

Young ones can now zip around in a miniature yet functional version of the Tesla Model S, no license needed.

Tesla Motors, known for its work in the field of electric vehicles, has partnered toy company Radio Flyer to produce a miniature electric car built specially for children.

The kids’ version of the Tesla Model S is a one-seater and looks every bit like its full-sized sibling, even in the choice of colors — red, midnight silver and metallic blue.

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Under the hood, the little car runs on a lithium ion battery and can reach a maximum speed of 6 miles per hour (~9.6 kilometers per hour). Parents who aren’t ready to fuel their kids’ need for speed can halve the speed limit through a simple switch.

Other noteworthy features include working headlights, a sound system and boot space for a couple of footballs. Like real automobiles, this car reverses too. There are also available upgrades such as a longer lasting battery, shiny silver wheels, Tesla-branded license plates, a parking sign and an indoor car cover.

The base model costs US$499, while the pimped out version with all the frills will set buyers back by up to US$800. Pre-orders are already open and the cars are expected to roll out in May. The only problem? Shipping is only within the US, so you definitely need a freight forwarder in order to bring one home.

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