Now You Can Thank Indonesia, Not for the Haze, But for 11 Months of Clean Air

Now You Can Thank Indonesia, Not for the Haze, But for 11 Months of Clean Air

Just as the haze continues to cloud Singapore, the humorous takes on the situation keep coming in, the latest being this website that thanks Indonesia for supplying fresh air.


As if the Photoshopped haze memes weren’t enough to make light of the hazy situation, there’s now a website that allows you to thank Indonesia, not for the haze, but for the 11 months of clean air they’ve graciously provided us.

The website was inpsired by the words of Indonesia’s Vice-President, Jusuf Kalla, who said, “For 11 months, they (our neighbors) enjoyed nice air from Indonesia and they never thanked us. They have suffered because of the haze for one month and they get upset.”

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To show your appreciation, click the red button on the website. There are currently over a million clicks on the counter and the numbers are steadily growing.

If that’s not enough, the website even allows you to leave a note of thanks. All sorts of comments have been flooding in, some funny, some brutal. Here are some examples:

“Thankyou, thankyou, only need to work one month to meet yearly sales quota” – N95 Salesman

“I wanted to quit smoking because I didn’t have any money left, but Indonesia saw I didn’t have the money and allowed me to continue smoking. Thank you so much Indonesia!” – Confused smoker

“LOL, my song name has less smoke” – Darude, Sandstorm

“thanks so much, can’t believe you made mbs disappear.” – masked travis

“Oi, seventh month over already, no need burn so much lah” – Singporean Chinese

Visit the website here and show some love for Indonesia.

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