The Asphalt Challenge is Not Your Typical Skate Competition

Prizes, bragging rights and the showcase of Singapore’s skateboarding culture are just some reasons why The Asphalt Challenge is set to be a hit.

Photos courtesy of Skate SG


High-flying moves on an array of obstacles will provide skateboarders with an adrenaline rush

Skaters young and old, amateur or pro, will have a field day at The Asphalt Challenge, a skate competition to be held at Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2016. Unlike other skate events like the X-Games, The Asphalt Challenge consists of a skate course that’s customized with a series of creative obstacles to suit the street vibe of the festival.

“Skateboarders will be taking on the challenge of skating on pure street conditions. It’s a major difference compared to the smooth cement floor that average skateboarders are accustomed to. More forced speed and power are required to execute precise technical tricks and it is definitely not as easy at it looks,” said Hafiz Salleh, manager of the competition organizer Skate SG.

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A preview of what’s to come at The Asphalt Challenge

The competition consists of two segments, namely the “Billabong Asphalt Jam” and “RVCA Best Trick”. The former will see skaters attempting the course within a time limit, while the latter is all about hammering tricks with flair, under the eyes of guest judges.

A total of over S$3,000 worth of cash and prizes are up for grabs, and The Asphalt Challenge is open to skaters of all ages and skill levels.

“Aliwal Urban Art Festival provides the perfect backdrop that will encourage amateur level skateboarders to take part and test themselves against the ranks of the semi-pros,” Salleh said.


Skateboarders can relish the chance to stand out and be the envy of fellow enthusiasts

The audience can expect an exciting visual display of skateboarding as a competitive sport., with aerial flips, body spinning and mind-numbing technical tricks performed on a simple piece of wood with wheels.

Together with the Cannot Be Bo(a)rdered exhibition held next door, The Asphalt Challenge lets visitors bear witness to how skateboarding remains entrenched in the youth culture of today.

The Asphalt Challenge will be happening at the Aliwal Street carpark, from 4pm to late, on January 16th. Visit the event page for more information.

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