Straat Smart: The Chess Hotel, Paris

The Chess Hotel is a redesigned boutique hotel that’s the ideal expression of artful and luxurious living.

The Chess Hotel’s reception beckons any traveler to make the boutique hotel their choice of stay

The Chess Hotel’s reception beckons any traveler to make the boutique hotel their choice of stay

Tucked away in the 9th Arrondissement of Paris, France, The Chess Hotel is a four-star boutique hotel for the traveler to unwind after experiencing the wonders of the Parisian city. Situated above street level, the beauty that is The Chess Hotel was carefully redesigned by renowned architects Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier, collectively known as Gilles & Boissier. Every inch of space across the fifty rooms has been meticulously crafted, and while no two rooms look alike, they offer the same level of comfort and serenity for all their occupants.

Deluxe Room

Shown here is the Deluxe Room. The Chess Hotel also offers Superior Rooms and Suites for customers

In keeping with the hotel’s namesake and as a reminder of the popular boardgame, Gilles & Boissier have kept elements of white and black in their designs, be it on floor tiling or bathroom mosaics. Save for the armchairs in the lobby, every fixture and furniture in The Chess Hotel was designed by the experienced duo, right down to the very last detail.

Even the bathroom receives the top treatment of marble and mosaic

The bathroom receives the top treatment of marble and mosaic, and rightfully so

The unique aesthetics and cosy decor underline a desire to return to traditional hostelry, where the art of receiving and taking excellent care of guests is well-understood and of paramount importance. No lack of materials were used in the process of producing such fine interiors, with the architects gathering various oaks, marble, mosaics and linen. Each floor even has its own color theme – Persian Blue, Slate Grey and Burgundy Earth – to name a few.

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Clearly the mood is different on each and every floor of The Chess Hotel

Varying wall colors lend a different mood to each and every floor

What’s a hotel without thoughtful artworks? Gilles & Boissier brought in artists Alix Waline, Victor Ash and Cyprien Chabert to produce murals for the hotel, such as the all-encompassing hotel entrance, the intense owl mural overlooking the lobby and the botanical motifs at the inner courtyard.

The owl mural brings a stark contrast to the lobby

The owl mural adds a touch of contrast to the lobby

“Beyond the setting that was imposed upon us, we wanted to introduce a notion of serenity and silence into this bustling Parisian neighborhood. While focusing on the essentials, we ensured that we did not overlook any of the requirements of a four-star hotel, and so designed rooms of just a few square meters, based on seven different configurations, that resembled practical yet elegant pieds-à-terre (small apartments),” said Gilles and Boissier. Indeed, the duo have done a fine job of creating a memorable experience for The Chess Hotel’s occupants.

The Chess Hotel is located at 6 Rue du Helder 75009 Paris, France. Room prices start at 180€. Visit its website for more details.

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