Here Come “The Life of Pablo” Spinoffs

Here Come “The Life of Pablo” Spinoffs

It sure didn’t take long for Yeezy’s fans and foes to catch on to his latest album cover and put their own spin on things. 


Original artwork for Kanye West’s latest album

Following several title changes and much hype, Kanye West has finally released the album cover of his latest work, The Life of Pablo. Featuring row after row of text and a small insert of a vintage wedding photo, you wouldn’t imagine this to be what Kanye calls “one of the greatest albums”.

Given the simplicity of the artwork, it didn’t take long for meme generators like The Life of Pablol and The Pablo Dot Life to show up, allowing practically anyone with a computer and some time on their hands to create their own iterations of the cover:

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Can’t get enough? Search up #TheLifeofPablo on Instagram and Twitter to see more hilarious memes stemming from Yeezy’s album cover.

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