One that flew under the radar, the Mizuno Wave Rider 10

One that flew under the radar, the Mizuno Wave Rider 10

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Mizuno, a brand not known to many, boasts an extensive range of products. One silhouette in particular, the Mizuno Wave Rider 10, fits right into the trending retro runners look.

The resurgence of retro runners continues into 2024, with major brands like Nike and Asics consistently releasing new silhouettes and colorways every month. Amidst this competitive landscape, one notable brand has silently made its mark with underrated collaborations – Japanese brand, Mizuno. It brings a distinctive touch to the world of retro runners, contributing the Mizuno Wave Runner 10 as a strong contender.

Designed for performance

Debuting in 2007, the Wave Rider 10 marked a significant milestone as the inaugural shoe to showcase an updated neutral Wave plate. This innovative Wave plate design efficiently disperses energy across a wider surface upon impact, delivering a stable foundation and unparalleled cushioning. Crafted with an ‘Airmesh’ upper, the shoe can maintain breathability and comfort throughout your run. The inclusion of VS-1 padding in high-impact zones enhances shock absorption, while the X10 outsole, composed of robust carbon rubber, extends the shoe’s longevity for prolonged use.

Wood Wood takeoff

The first-ever collaboration on the Wave Rider 10 was done with Wood Wood, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. It features a neutral cream base construction, with hints of burnt orange, darkened brown, light grey and pink featured throughout the entire shoe. This collaboration kickstarted many others that followed, including Footpatrol, Highsnobiety and more.

In recent years, Wave Rider 10 has become the preferred canvas for collaborations, each partnership putting its unique spin on this iconic model. The latest noteworthy collaboration involves One Block Down, a multi-label streetwear store situated in Italy. Named the ‘Flame Wave,’ this collaboration introduces three captivating colorways – ‘Onyx,’ ‘Koi,’ and ‘Amazon.’ The standout feature lies in the meticulously deconstructed upper, showcasing intricate flame-like detailing that adds a distinctive touch to the design.

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What’s next

Undoubtedly, the recent releases have made a significant impact on the streetwear scene, hinting at the imminent resurgence of the Wave Rider 10 silhouette in 2024. Though attention is paid more to the collaborations, the general releases with great color blockings and constructions are not to be missed. With this positive momentum, it’s only a matter of time before the trend gains even more traction within the brand’s releases. 

We have compiled a list of their best general releases and recent collaborations:

Product: Mizuno Wave Rider 10 Premium
Price:  S$201
Buy here: Farfetch

Mizuno Wave Rider 10 PremiumStockX

Product: Mizuno Wave Rider 10 OG Pack ‘High Risk Red’
Price: S$153
Buy here: Farfetch | StockX

Mizuno Wave Rider 10 OG Pack ‘High Risk Red’StockX

Product: Mizuno Wave Rider 10 ‘Volt’
Price: S$167
Buy here: FarFetch 

mizuno wave rider 3FarFetch

Product: One Block Down x Mizuno Wave Rider 10 ‘Koi’
Price: S$302 (US9)
Buy here: StockX


Product: Footpatrol x Mizuno Wave Rider 10 ‘Rust’
Price: S$282 (US9)
Buy here: StockX

Footpatrol x Mizuno Wave Rider 10 ‘Rust’StockX

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