The North Face Pulls Off Brilliant Marketing Stunt

The North Face Pulls Off Brilliant Marketing Stunt

Shoppers in Korea got a taste of adventure when the floors gave way at The North Face store. While some resign themselves to fate, others were game for the challenge.

The last thing you’d expect while out shopping is for the floors to give way and swallow you up, right? Well, that’s exactly what some shoppers in Korea faced at one of The North Face’s pop-up stores.

The outdoor adventure brand teamed up with Korean marketing agency Innored to drive home the message of “Never Stop Exploring” by pushing customers to their physical limits. Unsuspecting shoppers would suddenly find the floor shifting under them, forcing them to grab onto rock climbing holds or fall into a pit (padded, of course).

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The reactions have been hilarious; while some customers were unnerved and resigned themselves to fate, others had their survival instincts kick in as they grabbed onto the rock climbing holds for dear life.

As if that wasn’t enough, a North Face jacket descends from the ceiling and a 30-second timer starts. These unwitting shoppers are then challenged to leap and grab the dangling jacket, and many actually do, earning themselves the jacket for keeps and more importantly, a sense of achievement having overcome the odds. How cool is that?

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