The PUMA Autodisc Laces Itself Up Too

The PUMA Autodisc Laces Itself Up Too

The introduction of the PUMA Autodisc means the Nike Mag will not be the only self-lacing shoe in the market.

Just weeks ago, Nike told the world that it would be releasing the Mag with power laces in 2016, signaling a new era in footwear. Well, it certainly won’t be the only brand to have such unique features as PUMA joins the fray with its Autodisc system.

Loosely based on its proprietary Disc technology, PUMA has thrown in a servo motor and an on-board battery to power the unique lacing system that works with a simple push of the button.

The prototype shown in promotional images is charged via USB, but a practical and proper charging plate will be used for retail sets, which have been slated for release in 2016.

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