“The Sneaker Game” Puts Your Sneaker Knowledge to the Test

“The Sneaker Game” Puts Your Sneaker Knowledge to the Test

Touted as “the first combination memory + trivia game about sneakers”, The Sneaker Game is a crowdfunded project that will reveal who’s the guru in your kicks clique.


It consists of a set of memory cards, a set of trivia cards and a rulebook all housed within a neat-looking miniature sneaker box, complete with finger-hole and size sticker.

The gameplay seems pretty straightforward but is definitely not a walk in the park. Players first put the memory cards face down and make them match up. The hard part comes upon a successful match, where other players grab a trivia card and ask between one to five questions about the shoe.

A right answer gets you extra points, while a wrong answer might just make you the laughing stock among your sneakerhead pals.

Sounds fun? Check out The Sneaker Game’s Kickstarter page if you’re keen on making it a reality!

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