The Swagger Salon “LANSI” Collection

The Swagger Salon “LANSI” Collection

The Swagger Salon’s latest collection is all about making a strong statement.

For the folks behind The Swagger Salon, excellence is the name of the game. The Penang-based streetwear label applies the slogan “LANSI” (which translates to “cocky” or “arrogant”) onto its apparel and accessories to show it means business.

A selection of t-shirts from the collection feature premium graphics that are emblazoned with the phrase “No Room for Rookies”, homing in on the fact that one must not settle for mediocrity, but continuously strive to hit the apex. There’s also the memorable tee with “乖/懒” lettering.

Accessories, in the form of snapback caps, also serve as a focal point to those who have yet to be familiar with the brand.

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