Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy Star in New Nike Golf Ad “Ripple”

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy Star in New Nike Golf Ad “Ripple”

“Ripple”, a new golf ad by Nike charts Rory McIlroy’s golfing journey from a kid inspired by Tiger Woods to a world class player who now competes against Tiger Woods. 

With the Masters 2015 starting tomorrow, Nike has released a new golf ad featuring two of this generation’s greatest golfers, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, who will be competing against each other at the Augusta National.

The video, titled “Ripple”, charts McIlroy’s journey through the sport, driven by and following in the footsteps of his childhood hero, Tiger Woods, and eventually meeting him on the green.

“As a kid, I looked up to Tiger,” said McIlroy, who hit a 40-yard drive at the age of just two. “When I first saw him on TV, I remember being completely enamored by the energy he brought to the sport. His will to win. His determination. His fight.”

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“It’s been an incredible journey for me, going from massive fan to competitor. To think that not too long ago I was that little boy watching him on TV to where I am now. It’s been a cool journey and I’m very lucky I get to compete with and against him, because he inspired me as a kid and he inspires me now. He’s the best player I’ve ever seen.”

“I’ve been in that same situation,” said Woods. “Growing up, Jack was my idol. My first recollection of The Masters was 1986, when Jack won. I remember him making a putt at 17 and lifting that putter up. Fourteen years later at the 2000 PGA Championship, I got to play with and against him – someone I looked up to.”

“It’s neat because I’ve been able to be a part of different generations of competitors. Now I’m competing against the younger ones. It helps me train a little harder, because these guys are athletic,” said Woods.

Source: Nike News

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