Arriving Now: Uber Magazine Introduced for New York Fashion Week

Arriving Now: Uber Magazine Introduced for New York Fashion Week

Arriving Now, an all-new Uber magazine, was launched in time for New York Fashion Week.


Following the launch of Momentum, a quarterly publication for its drivers, Uber turns its attention to customers in New York City by offering a slice of entertainment through the company’s first-ever in-car magazine, Arriving Now.

Plastered on the front cover of its inaugural issue is style icon Olivia Palermo, who talks about her love of New York, favorite shops and trends in the pages within. With New York Fashion Week now underway, the magazine also features tips, hotspots and promotion details for the event.

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Arriving Now is conveniently and strategically located at the backseat pocket, and customers can take home a copy of the magazine if they wish.

While it’s not an entirely new idea – various airlines have been offering in-flight magazines for years – the curated content that Arriving Now holds might just pry customers from their smartphones and bring the fun back to reading.

Uber has yet to state whether or not this is a one-off issue, or if other cities and regions will have their own versions of the magazine in future.

Source: Uber

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