UFC Champion Jon Jones Brawls with Challenger Daniel Cormier

UFC Champion Jon Jones Brawls with Challenger Daniel Cormier

What was supposed to be a simple face off for the media turned into a slugfest, as UFC Champion Jon Jones traded punches with his opponent Daniel Cormier.

We’ve seen Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters face off and intimidate each other during the weigh-in session before a fight. But while tensions are high, fighters usually restrain themselves and leave the action for the cage.

Not for UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones and his next opponent Daniel Cormier. During a UFC ceremony at the MGM hotel this morning, they got in each other’s faces, with Jones nudging his forehead against Cromier’s. The latter didn’t take too well to it, and gave Jones a shove. The champion retaliated with punches and an all-out brawl ensued, causing the stage to be partially destroyed and many people stepping in to separate the two.

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But it didn’t end there. Afterward, they continued to settle scores on Twitter. Now pass the popcorn.

Jone Jones Daniel Cormier


Jone Jones Daniel Cormier

The duo have certainly generated plenty of publicity ahead of their main event fight on September 27th at UFC 178. For the record, Cormier is undefeated so far and Jones has only lost one fight due to disqualification. This is one fight you’ve got to watch.


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