UFC Singapore Fight Night on 17 June 2017

UFC Singapore Fight Night on 17 June 2017

It has been three years since the first UFC Fight Night held in Singapore.

UFC comes to Singapore on 17 June 2017 / Photo: Instagram

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has announced that it will be coming to Singapore on June 17th this year. Big news for the fans of UFC and of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). 

The UFC website also has a Singapore event landing page, where you can register for “pre-sale access and up-to-date information about UFC Fight Night Singapore”.

Probably no coincidence then that former Bantam Weight Champion fighter Miesha Tate has come to Singapore. Seven hours ago, she posted a photo on Instagram of her trying her hand at making teh tarik (“pulled tea”).

Miesha Tate in Singapore in February 2017

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According to The Straits Times, the Fight Night on June 17th will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

It will be UFC’s second Fight Night in Singapore. Its first was held at Marina Bay Sands three years ago.

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