Uniqlo Takes a Step into the World of Sneakers

Uniqlo Takes a Step into the World of Sneakers

Uniqlo will be adding sneakers to its product lineup beginning this season. Like most of the brand’s apparel, these kicks come at an affordable price point.

Uniqlo has been known for its wide range of quality apparel, so it seems rather apt that they’ve now included footwear as part of their lineup. The Japanese company will offer two styles of canvas sneakers this season, with lace-up and slip-on options that come in a myriad of colors.

They come pretty cheap too. At US$35 a pair, these sneakers won’t break the bank and could very well be the ideal beaters for everyday occasions. Currently available at Uniqlo stores in USA, South Korea and China, these could very well make their way to Singapore soon.

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