UNIQLO x KAWS UT Collab Restock on 27 April

UNIQLO x KAWS UT Collab Restock on 27 April

UNIQLO x KAWS UT collab restock will take place online on April 27th
Uniqlo x Kaws UT collab restock on April 27th

Photo: uniqlo.com.sg

A UNIQLO x KAWS UT collab restock is due for Wednesday, April 27th.

Whilst limited sizes of the collection remain on the online store, our sources tell us the UNIQLO at Suntec City, Singapore, is all sold out. This, barely minutes into the store’s opening at 11am today.

But the hype was to be expected. A queue had formed prior to the store’s opening about an hour ago:

UNIQLO x KAWS collab restock: Suntec City is all sold out

Photo: Deon Phua

In fact, so real is the hype that people have started listing pieces from the UNIQLO x KAWS UT collab on reseller sites. The Short-Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt listed on Carousell (below), for example, is going for S$60, about three times the original price on the UNIQLO online store, where the product is still available at time of writing.

UNIQLO x KAWS restock: wait for it or buy off carousell?

Some of the pieces are listed on Carousell for three times the retail price

Are you interested in the restock of the UNIQLO x KAWS collab? Tell us in comments below.

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