Penang is Lit: Massive Star Sculpture Illuminates Butterworth Town

Penang is Lit: Massive Star Sculpture Illuminates Butterworth Town

Ong Jun Hao, an urban artist-architect has built a massive star sculpture that will illuminate the city of Butterworth, Penang, for a year.

As part of Urban Xchange 2015, a public art festival held in Penang, Malaysia, urban artist-architect Ong Jun Hao has created a colossal star sculpture that traverses across a four-storey abandoned concrete building and lights up beautifully at night.

Truly a sight to behold, the installation is made from steel cables and over 500 meters of LED lights. The installation is part of Urban Xchange’s vision of bringing together renowned international and local artists to encourage and challenge the artistic and creative potential of the city’s urban environment.

The installation will be lit every night, for a year. Look out for its glow if you happen to be in the Raja Uda suburb of Butterworth, Penang. Else, check out the short video of the installation set-up and launch here:

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