Vans Syndicate Project 022.133 x Mike Hill

Vans Syndicate Project 022.133 x Mike Hill

The Vans Syndicate team has worked with Mike Hill, creative director and leading designer of Alien Workshop, to create a syndicate release pack for Project 022.

By Rashid Rahman

Mike Hill chose to work with the Authentic Pro and Sk8-Hi silhouettes for the Vans Syndicate Project 022.133. Hill drew inspiration from his own experience rocking Vans Authentic in pale green back in the early 90s and his own Cabela’s boots, which inspired the utilitarian boot look in dark military green.

As with all Vans Syndicate releases, the set includes a DIY stamp set. The pack is set for release in March 2013. Grab your pack at Silostore or any Vans Syndicate stockist!

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