Vetements x Reebok Collab Produces “Luxury Beaters”

Vetements x Reebok Collab Produces “Luxury Beaters”

Vetements is wooing the derelict aesthetic for its second collaboration with Reebok.

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Vetements x Reebok go at it a second time. News of the collaboration was made official through an announcement on the Vetements Instagram account.

The post features a sneaker sporting a worn-out aesthetic in an off-white colorway. In the same image, in the background, is another shoe – presumably an all-black iteration of the off-white shoe. Reebok branding can be seen emblazoned on the toe in addition to straps and mesh.

The shoe’s worn-out aesthetic is also hard to miss, and sneakerheads already have lots to say about it:

vetements x reebok 2

Photo: Instagram

vetements x reebok 3

Photo: Instagram

vetements x reebok 4

Photo: Instagram

Well, people can say what they want, but the Instagram post has received well over 29,000 likes, proving that there are fans out there excited to cop and don these trendy worn-out sneakers.

No word as to when the upcoming Vetements x Reebok sneakers will drop and no word either as to what sneaker model this is.

Only thing for sure: these are a stark difference to the colorful, Sharpie-marked Reebok Instapump Fury shoes released earlier this year.

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